Episode 12: Feel the Feelings

February 3, 2017

So far, this year has been a real doozy. Politics, job transitions, money, continuing education, 2017 has already been a bit of an emotional tsunami. We are feeling a lot of feelings. 

In this episode, we are talking about feelings and how to really feel those things. We remember Stewart Smalley is actually a US Senator. We discuss the grim reality of panic attacks and that no matter how cool you might think it is, cocaine is never cool. Ever. 

Morgan teaches us what feelings really are ... or at least has a laugh trying to. 

Ron decides to pretend to have a mental breakdown on the street, just to see what it's like. 

We also talk about all the ways we run from them our feelings and 4 things we can do to actually process and grow from them. 

1. Connect with your breath

2. Connect with the physical sensations in your body

3. In a private space, all alone, go crazy and scream and shout 

4. Meditate

Plus, we discuss how learning how to make animal sounds really did lead to better sex! No joke. 

So, whether you are super bummed out by the current political situation or needing to grieve over the loss of the loved one, we'll teach you what we've been doing lately to wade through the very same waters. 


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